What our clients are saying about us...

Tracy Newall

Leeds personal trainers weight loss private studio

"Looking at the pictures I can't believe it's the same person. I knew I had to do something as my blood pressure was high and I was morbidly obese! That's when I decided to get in touch with Leeds Personal Training.

My energy levels and confidence have increased so much now, that as a mum of two young children I can actually enjoy running after them. I still see James every week to keep on track. I have lost over five stone."

Jodie Stead

Leeds personal training fat loss

"I always wanted to do something about my weight but came up with the same excuses, until ten months ago when I decided to start with Leeds Personal Training. 

The idea was to have a few sessions with James to gather some ideas but after the first session I knew that training at Leeds Personal Training was the best way to go."

Every week I am doing new exercises and although they can be tough, James is always there motivating me.

I have now lost four stone in ten months. Without the help and motivation from James I would have never achieved such results in the time I have done, I even look forward to training (something I thought I would never say!). Thank you very much James!!

Claire Hopkins

Horsforth Yeadon guiseley Leeds personal trainers

"Two and a half years ago I weighed 102kgs and was desperately unhappy. I felt fat and frumpy. 


I started training at Leeds Personal Training once a week and then upped it to two sessions a week, sometimes three. I managed to lose 23kgs in time for my wedding. I’m only 5ft 3 so dont carry the extra weight very well. My body has changed so much and I’ve lost another 9kgs on top of my initial loss. I feel stronger and much more confident too.


I always tell my friends and family that my personal training sessions are the best money I have ever spent, a great investment in my health and future. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a session with James; he’s brilliant at what he does and a pleasure to work with."

Sam Walker


"I've been training with James for almost two years now. Initially I went to him at fourteen stone, squeezing into a size sixteen, and wanting him to help me get in shape for my wedding. 

With weekly training sessions and encouragement from James, I hit my target weight of eleven stone. My size eighteen wedding dress had to be taken in to a size ten! One year on and I have maintained this weight with James' guidance, excellent nutritional advice and training sessions that keep me motivated. 

It hasn't been easy and without James' encouragement I would have definitely given up." 

Harriet Mainprize


"I've always struggled with my weight but turning thirty made me have the extra focus I needed to really go for it. 

I played netball and thought I was fairly healthy but James' sessions have taught me so much about how to get stronger and leaner. He makes our sessions fun and interesting and he really pushes me to keep going in the right direction. I have lost over 20kg. Couldn't do it without you buddy." 

Sam White


"Two years ago I decided I needed to get in shape and got in touch with Leeds Personal Training.

Initially the plan was to see James for two sessions a week for three months. However I was seeing great results and kept this up for over a year! The theory was if I was spending money on a personal trainer I certainly wasn't going to waste it by eating rubbish and not training myself. It's a really good incentive to behave for the rest of the week!

James gives me loads of information to help me with weight loss and makes sessions really enjoyable. We do circuit training, boxing and a new one for me, kettlebells. I curse him during the sessions but it's definitely worked; I've lost five stone."